Tuesday, 15 March 2011


Now that the party is over, now the Christmas pud is all gone,
Now the crackers are pulled and every carol is sung.
Now as we sit within our chairs, our bellies much enlarged,
Let's spare a thought for our friend, the flexi credit card.

The spending spree that heralds Christmas, a must for all mankind,
Would be over sooner, if we paid at the purchase time.
It's easier to overspend when the last thing on your mind,
Is "How will I pay for this?", or something of that kind.

Now the party is over, it's time to face the band,
I could kick myself severely, for spending out of hand.
The banks are thoughtful, they'll never drop you in it,
If you overspend and need more, they'll simply increase your limit.

Beware the perils of spending, money that just aint yours.
Next time Christmas comes knocking, lock yourself indoors.
Do not join the crowds that mingle in the street,
In and out of high street shops, so nimble on their feet.

Eagar to spend the money, the banks so kindly lend,
Only one thing on their minds, spend, spend, spend.
Buying tat that no one wants, that no man should desire,
Another Christmas on credit? now that would be bizarre.

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