Monday, 11 January 2016



Where's my crown?”

Cried the King in dismay.

He was still in his bed

In the middle of the day.

Where's my crown?”

He cried once again.

Here it is” said the Queen,

Who'd been up since ten.

I took it to the cleaners

As it was looking rather grubby,

Only the best is good enough

For my discerning hubby”.

But what the King didn't know

And was unlikely to guess,

Was that his crown had been stolen,

Well, more or less!

The crown now presented

By the Queen, to the King.

Was only a copy,

A fake, a forgery.

For the Queen, who owed money

To some people she knew.

Had sold all the jewels

To pay what was due.

A fake crown she had bought,

To fool the poor King.

Who wasn't too bright,

And suspected nothing.

Right there and then,

He put the crown on his head.

He looked pretty regal,

For a person in bed.

Now bring me my breakfast,

'tho it's past twelve o'clock.

Bacon and tomatoes,

And an egg from the cock!”

Surely my darling,

You must be confused”.

Said the Queen to her husband,

Who looked somewhat bemused.

Cocks can't lay eggs,

For they come from a Hen”.

But the King just shouted

For his breakfast again.

Once the King had eaten,

And his plate was quite clear.

He summoned his wife

To sit very near.

My dear”, he announced.

I've done a bad deed,

And I have to confess,

It was done out of greed”.

To pay for my lifestyle,

And the things that I crave.

I've sold all the treasure,

there's not a penny to save”.

All I have left,

Is this crown on my head.

It's a poor man you see,

Who lays in this bed”.

I will sell my crown,

And buy you all you desire.

For you have stood by me,

But why do you cry?”

The Queen was now weeping.

Knowing what she had done.

The King knew he had little,

In fact, he had none.

So there they both lay,

Each with their own guilt.

Feeling sorry for each other,

As they lay 'neath the quilt.

Through greed and deception,

They had lost everything.

With a fake crown on his head,

He looked a sorry old King.

So a word of warning,

Goes out to the wise.

Be honest, be prudent,

And never tell lies.

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