Friday, 3 June 2022

A Tribute to The Hobbit by J R R Tolkien


In the darkness of the cave,
He found the precious jewel.
He announced the jewel proclaimed him King,
And gave him the right to rule.

Man and Elf, among them Kings,
Would come to see the gem.
And Thrain upon his mighty throne,
Lorded, over them.

The Dwarf King soon was driven mad,
By the gold he hoarded there.
And one who craved it even more,
Was waiting in his lair.

Smaug would soon destroy the town,
That lay beneath the cave.
And once inside the Dwarf King's realm,
No treasure could be saved.

The Dwarves beneath the mountain,
Fled to roam the land.
Until the mighty battle,
When the pale Orc lost his hand.

But in that mighty battle,
The Dwarf King lost his life.
His Kith and kin were left to live,
A life of fear and strife.

But there was one among the few,
Who had the courage to lead.
Thorin would soon have the map and key,
And the warriors he would need.

Wizard and Hobbit would join the cause,
And help them on their way.
To banish the dragon and reclaim their home,
And find where the Arkenstone lay.

But the quest was hard and many died,
In the battles that ensued.
And Thorin too was driven mad,
By the greed that he imbued.

But in the end as Thorin died,
He knew that he had won.
For the pale Orc lay beside him dead,
The final deed was done.

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