Sunday, 29 December 2013


OK, so you don't hear from me too often, and I'm seldom seen in church, mainly funerals, weddings and the occasional baptism. I know what you are thinking! " He doesn't even believe in me".
Well it's true, I do struggle with the concept of a higher being, one that not only created all of the heavens and earth, but is also responsible for everything in it, and everything that happens on it. I suppose my problem is that I have a very logical brain, one that sees a problem, and then tries to solve it. The thing is, there is no explanation for a God, the whole concept is frankly, unbelievable!
I can understand the science of creation, how gases and liquids formed, and how out of that mixture came primitive life. I can understand how over time that primitive life evolved into what we have today. But to believe that one being is responsible for all that, just makes me pose the question "If God created the Earth, who created God?"
Anyway, getting back to why I decided to write to you. Even though I struggle with the religious side of things, I do however, consider myself to be a good Christian. That is to say, I try to live an honest life, faithful to my wife, loyal to friends and family, putting other people first, and helping others, when I can. Surely, that is what counts in life, isn't it?
Don't get me wrong, I really hope that I am proved wrong, and that there is some kind of Utopia up there in the heavens. Somewhere we are all united with loved ones, and can live in peace and happiness for all eternity. I just find it hard to believe, surely, you won't hold that against me when my time comes, will you?
Isn't a non believer who has lived a good life, more worthy of a place in Heaven, than a believer who has committed unthinkable sins? I guess it's one of those things that we won't know the answer to, until it's too late. In the meantime I will continue to try and live my life the best way I can and hope that, if you do exist, you will understand.
Yours Faithfully
Robert M Lidster
P.S. Please feel free to answer, anyway you deem fit. 

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