Friday, 28 September 2012


I have been writing since my school days and the earliest example of my poetry which is still in existance, is a poem entitled "The Wind" which I wrote when I was twelve and had published in an anthology of Poets when I was eighteen.

Along with my poetry, I started to write songs and in 1983 at the age of 25, I published my own book of song lyrics and poetry. It was a limited edition of 500, the book was  "A Handful of Songs and Poems" and was a 32 page paper back.

Since then I have continued to write and have had many poems and short stories published over the years. More recently I have been writing travel reviews (many of which can be seen on my blog)

If anyone is interested in purchasing mint, signed copies of "A Handful of Songs and Poems", I do have a number of copies available at a cost of £2.50 inc. p&p. (UK only). Please send requests by email to:

The book is also available for download to Kindle and PC from Amazon:

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