Tuesday, 25 September 2012




Breakfast in bed,

Whilst tied up in port.

A Leisurely stroll,

Souvenirs to be bought.

Seeing the sights

Changing each day.

Meeting the locals,

Life lived in a different way.

Sun on my back,

Feel the warmth of the day.

Sailing the seas,

Refreshed by the spray.

Watch the horizon,

For the next port of call.

Eating fine food,

Oh! The joy of it all.

Dressing for dinner

Can be such fun.

Watching the shows,

Second to none.

Relaxing in bars,

Or down by the pool.

Dancing in nightclubs,

Try to look cool!

Meeting new friends,

Seeing new sights.

Everyday brings

Another delight.

Sleep well in beds,

Made for comfort and style.

Experience the spa,

Just relax for a while.

Learn about life,

In far away places.

Meet folk that differ,

From the usual faces.

Live life to the full,

Enjoy whilst you may.

Let the perfect cruise

Soothe any troubles away

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