Wednesday, 26 September 2012

'Life's A Mini-Saga' Now Available on Amazon Kindle

‘Life’s A Mini-Saga’ is a collection of short stories, very short stories. Each story is exactly fifty words long. Robert Lidster first started to write this type of story back in 1985 but this is the first time any have been published.

The 79 Mini-Sagas’ included in this book vary in style and content in order to appeal to a wide audience. The reader will find some humorous, some sad, some mysterious, but hopefully all entertaining.

The book is written with the intention to be read at ‘odd moments of the day’, to be browsed whenever the mood takes you. Little snippets of stories that the reader can expand with the use of their own imagination.

‘Life’s A Mini-Saga’ is the third book to be published by Robert Lidster on Kindle, previous books are: ‘In My Father’s Footsteps’ and ‘A Handful of Songs & Poems’.

For More Information, Please Visit and search Robert Lidster under Kindle Books.

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